Heaven Is For Real DVD-Based Conversation Kit By Todd Burpo – Personal Review

I have heard so much about the book “Heaven is For Real” but never got the chance to actually read it yet, so when I found out about this on DVD, I was ecstatic to watch it! I learn visually and am more drawn to watching than reading texts.

However, the 5-session DVD was dry and dragging… and I got zoned out a little bit while watching. It would have been better if there was re-enactment… not just plain interview… I guess this was a low-cost production.  But, it was nice to put a face on a name and to hear innocent comments from a kid.

The 5 Sessions are entitled as follows:

  • Why Should We Care About Heaven?
  • What Is Heaven Like?
  • When Does a Person Go to Heaven?
  • Where Is Heaven?
  • Who Goes to Heaven?

Each session in the Companion Conversation Guide does provide engaging questions and devotional readings along relevant Scripture to study.  It also provides a space for personal journal at the end of each session; however, I feel the questions are too many and mostly basic…

Still, this kit is great way to know more about the Burpo family and Colton’s trip to heaven.


Disclaimer: I received this DVD-book kit for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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