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The 5 Money Personalities By Scott Palmer and Bethany Palmer

The 5 Money Personalities

Speaking the Same Love and Money Language

The 5 Money Personalities

From the back cover:

Every couple argues about money. It doesn’t matter if you’re raking in the cash or barely getting by, if you’ve been married for forty years or dating for four months. Money touches every decision you make as a couple- from the $5 cup of coffee to the $50,000 car. And when the tow of you don’t see eye-to-eye on how much to spend or how much to save, that’s when arguments turn into ugly, toxic fights that leave both of you feeling hurt and angry. That’s why money has become the number one cause of divorce in the United States. Obviously, something needs to change.

Are you both ready to take our Money Personality Profile? Once you know your Money Personalities, you can get to the root of money arguments and start working together. You’ll discover what has an impact on your loved one’s money decisions. You’ll learn how to talk about money in a way that’s actually kind of fun. And you’ll figure out how to put an end to money secrets and lies once and for all.

That’s a big promise. But tens of thousands have adopted The Money Couple’s methods and enjoyed a while new way of living with love and money. You can be on the way to building something beautiful together today.

My Review:

This book was actually pretty interesting… and it’s one of the books that didn’t bore me at all! After finishing the book I handed it over to my sister so she could use it and learn from it as well… the book however is not that complete, as you’d need to go to the author’s website to take the test, which requires you to subscribe by putting your name, email and even zip code (I am in Canada, so I had to use my random zip code).  I wish the tests were available in the book, like other personality books do… so those who have no access to the internet would be able to find out their personal money profile.

Anyway, this book delivers what it promises… in the beginning/introduction, it says that this book is not about the practical side of money, but rather the emotional aspect in money relationship.  It is still practical in the sense that it provides actionable steps at every chapter.  And they’re easy to follow… My husband and I did the “money dump” and “money hurdle” and it lifted off the tension that used to always be there between us whenever we talk about money… but for the first time in 2 years, talking about money and our dreams became more fun!  I’m really happy about reading this book and I would definitely recommend this!

Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill

All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids by Mark Merrill


Book Description:

The game-winning playbook for every father…


Dads, do you want to be a hero to your kids? A go-to coach for your teens? A husband your wife knows she can count on? All Pro Dad lays out a game plan built on seven essential fathering truths and ultra-practical insights for the questions every dad needs answered at some point. Like football, fatherhood is about winning. But it’s more than just scoring points. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of your children and leaving a rich legacy of love for future generations.


With gut-level “huddle” questions to ask your children, and firsthand stories from well-recognized dads (CBS broadcaster James “JB” Brown, Chick-Fil-A founder and CEO S. Truett Cathy, Grammy Award–winning recording artist Michael W. Smith, FedEx Express COO and president, international, Michael Ducker, and more), All Pro Dad will stir you, equip you, and inspire you toward the goal of being a champion father and a hero to your kids.



In his book, Mark Merrill describes the 2 most important fundamentals of fatherhood (Love and Leadership) and the “7 Essential Ms” (Makeup, Mind-set, Motive, Method, Model, Message, and Master) that will enable every father to expand his capacity to love, which in turn will expand his capacity to lead his children… Mark first establishes the importance of love, and says “Your leadership of your family will grow in direct proportion to the love that you show your family.”


My Reactions:

Even though I’m not a father (or a mother just yet), but a daughter and a wife, I had fun reading this book! Every chapter starts with an inspirational message/quote from great leaders, and ends with a series of questions to ponder and ask that can help in understanding your child and improving your leadership skills. Engaging and entertaining, this book provides thought-provoking insights, real-world stories and critical questions that help one to work toward becoming an “All Pro Dad”. The strategies and information laid out on this book are really helpful and simple to implement.  After reading this book, I feel more equipped and ready for the time to be a mother, and can’t wait to share this book with my husband.  I’m sure this will come in handy when we have our own kids.


I rated this only 4/5 because the exercises at the end of the book may not be quite useful when you have babies and very young toddlers who are not yet able to think and talk…


Disclaimer: I received this DVD-book kit for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.