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The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss


Book Description:

The Little Red Book of Wisdom offers time-tested principles for professional and personal fulfillment.

Mark DeMoss gathers insights for living wisely from history, Scripture, and a lifetime of listening. The result is a handy, accessible book that gives readers a new way to enjoy lasting success in the work world and beyond. Topics include finding and keeping your focus in life, building a winning corporate culture, and setting aside time for good thinking.



The Little Red Book of Wisdom is a collection of true events that happened to the author who’s in PR professionally… in each chapter, he starts with an interesting summary title for the point he wants to make, a wisdom quotation, followed by his personal opinion, story and Bible verse, and finally ends with an advice.


My Reactions:

This book is not as “practical” as I thought it would be but rather a collection of quotes and stories.  I mean it’s not like you would read it and get a straight-to-the-point answer to your problem… but it gives you a story first, then relates it to the point… so this could be a good book to read before bedtime, like one chapter at a time.

I thought this book would be more about business principles, because a summary about it mentions how to build a “winning corporate culture” and it’s listed under “Business and Culture”, but instead there’s a mixture of professional and personal wisdom with spiritual emphasis.  I also thought it was going to contain shorter, practical, tidbits of wisdom that you can take away within a few seconds and apply right away, but instead it includes mostly personal stories from the author’s own life, that got me bored at first… but when I got my thinking cap on, I appreciated the descriptive stories.

I’m not really into spending my time reading autobiographies or anecdotes, so I haven’t really finished the book yet, but I had to make a review on this before I forget… anyway, I did like the fact that there’s quotation from successful people in each chapter, as I love collecting quotes myself.

Overall, the book is for you if you like to learn from reading stories.



Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.